'How to include the excluded? The challenges and opportunities of including smallholder farmers and urban poor in the global food system.'


Future of Food 5 (2014/2015) set to take place in India. More details to follow. Interested? Please contact Rutger Schilpzand


Helping to make more informed choices

As making choices today requires a good understanding of long-term perspectives we face, the Future of Food initiative aims to go beyond today’s headlines and examine future developments in the global food system. We do this by bringing together some of the world’s most prominent thought-leaders in the fields of business, science, government and civil society.


A series of international events

Developed by Schuttelaar & Partners, the Future of Food initiative relies on a unique approach to examine the main developments expected to affect the global food system in the next 15 years. During a series of seminars, a variety of themes pertaining to this complex issue are introduced by renowned speakers and debated in a multi-stakeholder dialogue setting. Since 2008, we have organised four successful seminars, with a fifth one in the making.


São Paulo 2013

The fourth Future of Food seminar, focusing on the question 'How to feed the growing middle class responsibly?', took place in São Paulo, Brazil on 27-28-29 June 2013.

Download the Seminar Report here

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India 2014/2015

The fifth Future of Food seminar, which will focus on the recognition and inclusion of smallholder farmers and urban poor in creating a more sustainable and healthier global food system, is set to take place in India.


We are currently exploring the possibilities and opportunities for the fifth seminar with our business and aca partners in India. If you whish to be involved in continuing this global dialogue and the realisation of this fifth seminar, please contact Rutger Schilpzand.